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Translog Albania

We transport with dedication and confidence, offering the best logistics solutions from / to Albania

Why us

Our approach

For us, it's not just work - we take pride in the solutions we offer. We are there, assisting you to achieve your goals; that for each project we best meet the requirements of our clients in accordance with our standards .

Our skills

Our staff with a set of components that differentiates is always ready to offer you the right alternatives. We have continuously developed and improved the solutions we offer to our customers without neglecting in any case the quality of service and cargo safety. br We have the right ingredients to be at your disposal right away.

Our experience

Untill now, for more than 20 years in the International Transport Market, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects with an average of 6000 shipments / year including normal, ADR / Hazardous, temperature-controlled and out-of-norm freight shipments, from and for Albania.

Quality of service

Providing a quality service we often use and make it the goal of our work. Each project, long-term or short-term, is treated with care by ensuring that the consignment is accompanied by proper documentation and complies with all the necessary criteria for an international freight transport.

Our support

Just like today, we will be here for you tomorrow.
With the logistical solutions we will offer you, you will not only get a qualified transport service, but you will also gain an affiliate who will do everything he can to guarantee a no less important part of your success. , assisting you with tips and suggestions based on our experience whenever required.
We are a team and will always respond promptly when you need us.


Land Transport

Import / export activity for third parties, mainly focused on Italy. Representative office in Trieste.

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse of 300 m² in the territory of Tirana Customs for the facilitation and progress of customs clearance.

Our fleet

Maritime transport is carried out via the ferry departing Ancona - Durrës / Bari - Durrës